New League Mechanics: 3.24 Leagues will provide a fresh and exciting experience for players looking for something different and challenging in Path of Exile. Alliance will require players to carefully manage their resources and risks as they must seek out ingredients, crafting recipes, and seasonal maps to enhance their rewards and variety. The league will also have two powerful bosses, Infinite Hunger and Arnaz, who will seriously threaten players and their progress.

  New Content and Features: The expansion will also bring a wealth of new content and features to the game, such as 14 new unique items, over 40 new transformation gems, improved affected items, and the return of the Ancestor Trials League. The expansion will also introduce quality-of-life improvements such as spam currency items, bulk trading, voice chat, and itemized crafting.

New transformation gems will provide new ways to modify and enhance existing skills, such as adding projectiles, area of effect, or damage that changes over time. New unique items will also provide new synergies and effects, such as Herrich's Hatred, which provides increased damage and life drain against enemies affected by the curse.

So I think POE 3.24 is still worth playing. If you want to gain some achievements in the new league, then you may need to prepare some POE Orbs so that you can be one step ahead of others.

POE 2 is also coming soon. In order for you to better understand the details about POE 2, you can join our POE 2 Facebook group. Here is the invitation link

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