In Skull And Bones, your first major quest outside of St. Anne's is with the seafolk. This clan is an ally of Scurlock, and you are sent to deliver some cache of weapons to them. However, once you reach their settlement, you can take on another quest, which is to find and recover a lost Sea People relic.

In order to retrieve the relic, you need to follow the treasure map. This treasure map gives you an approximate location to find the relic, but the rest is up to you. If you're wondering where to find Seaman relics and unlock the treasure map in Skull And Bones, check out our guide below.

After you accept a quest to find a Sea People relic (called a "Relic of the Past"), be sure to keep track of it in your quest log. Once you've done this, you can bring up your mission login in-game by pressing RT/R2/X. Here you can view a brief description of the objective as well as a treasure map, as shown below:

As you can see from the text, you need to travel to Louisburg on the coast of Tenina to find the buried treasure left behind by the sea people. The settlement is located at the very bottom of the map at the southern end of the coast of Tenina. You have to drive southeast from Sainte-Anne, past Learned Men's Hill, to reach Louisbourg, the southernmost island on the map.

Once you arrive at Louisbourg, you can disembark at the small entrance on the south side of the island. Here you can talk to the Farah clan, the vicious rivals of the Sea People, and other pirates.

When you get off the boat, go straight and then turn left at the stone wall. You should see some planks in the sand, directly in front of the wooden structure. At this location, you'll see an orange glow coming from the sand. Go here and you'll be prompted to "dig for items", which can be done without a separate tool. This is a buried treasure location on the map that rewards you with Sea Folk Relics after your character completes the excavation.

Once you have the relic, you'll need to get back on the ship and head north to a settlement called Palisades Bay. This location is northwest of St. Anne, in the Giant's Leap area of the map. Here you can interact with settlements from your ship (just head to the shoreline near the settlement) and give them Sea People Relics, which completes the Relics of the Past quest in Skull And Bones.

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