If you're looking for the best Last Epoch Falconer build, this Bird Whisperer class has amazing damage potential, but it requires a lot of powerful Falcon attacks and a lot of careful maneuvering. The bird may not be harmed, but the Falconer is still a rogue class that relies on the ability to move quickly. To help you stay active while your birds go on a killing spree, here are some tips for getting the best Last Epoch Falconer build.

The Last Epoch Falconer class is a master rogue that combines minion gameplay with explosives. Your fellow falcon has a variety of attacks, with dive bombs being particularly powerful. As long as you buff the Falcon's attack and reduce its cooldown, you already have a powerful Falcon build.

Since this class is so vulnerable, a good Last Epoch Falconer build should include movement speed abilities. Shift is a good choice early in the game, but this guide will replace Shift with Air Assault. You should use the additional Field of Effect ability, Smoke Bomb, to reduce damage taken and enhance your attacks.

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